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special nourishing care for dry & irritated skinProduct Action Tests 40 % reduction of wrinkle depth after 4 weeks of use.  This rich cream with valuable shea butter protects your skin from aggressive environmental influences (UV rays, cold, wind) and helps to regenerate its natural ..
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Intense Beauty SerumProduct Action The ideal supplement for treating a demanding skin. The concentrated power of the nature lavishes skin with immediate moisture, helping it to relax and regenerate. The highly effective combination of snail secretion, hyaluronic acid, olive leaf extract and pan..
Active Anti-Age & Moisturizing CreamProduct Action This rich, luxurious cream combines highly effective anti-ageing and moisturizing components to relief and regenerate the skin throughout the night, it helps the skin to regain a youthful appearance. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and h..
Rejuvenating Protective CreamProduct Action This gentle cream with valuable natural ingredients protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences and helps to regenerate its natural moisture barrier. It protects and stimulates skin cells preserving your skin's youthfulness and delay si..
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This rich, luxurious cream with its toning and protective ingredients (liposomes, vitamins A & E, extracts and active herb oils) supports the skin in its effort to recuperate and balance. During the night the active ingredients have the time to deeply penetrate the skin and prepare it for a fres..
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Suitable for the treatment of tired, dull skin needing immediate relief. Contains haemocyanin, an active ingredient originating from molluscs which binds and carries oxygen from the air to skin cells, thus activating their metabolism. Cells are in this way activated, make better use of nutrients and..
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