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DNA protection

DNA protection
DECLARE - Youth Supreme Concentrate (50mL)
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DESCRIPTION This ultra-light serum, containing highly concentrated cell protection components, protects and stimulates your skin cells on a molecular level, enabling them to live longer. This means you can preserve your skin’s youthfulness over a long period of time, delaying signs of aging effecti..
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DECLARE - Youth Supreme Cream Rich (50mL)
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DESCRIPTION Nourishing skin care with a combination of highly effective cell protection components protects and stimulates skin cells on a molecular level, enabling them to live longer. This helps preserve your skin’s youthfulness for a long time and delay signs of aging effectively. Valuable magno..
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DECLARE - Youth Supreme Eye Cream (30mL)
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DESCRIPTION This eye cream protects and stimulates skin cells on a molecular level, reliably combating dark circles under the eyes, helping to prevent swelling. Valuable magnolia extracts act deep in the skin, helping to prevent the decomposition of its elastin and collagen structure. Pure silk par..
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This firming cream with Q10 - an essential element of the body’s own cells - reduces the damaging action of free radicals and prevents premature skin ageing. Cacao butter, panthenol and vitamin E smooth and firm the skin, regulate its lipid barrier and increase the moisture content. A special relaxi..
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Protects the skin from harmful sun radiation, keeps the skin hydrate and wonderfully smooth. The special protective combination of sunscreens and active ingredients such shea butter, panthenol and white tea prevents the signs of premature ageing caused by sun such as fine lines and discoloration and..
16.00€ 28.00€
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