DECLARE - Essential Eye Lifting Serum (15mL)


DECLARE - Essential Eye Lifting Serum (15mL)

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Intensive lifting effect for eyelids.

Highly effective eye serum with lifting effect. This serum, which contains Declaré src™ complex, lavishes the tender skin around your eyes instantly and intensively with moisture, and combats signs of fatigue around your eyes. It helps to reduce the appearance of existing lines, wrinkles and dark circles. To make the skin around your eyes look radiantly fresh and youthful!

Active Ingredients
albizia julibrissin (persian silk tree)
sigesbeckia orientalis
centella asiatica (indian pennywort)
ruscus asculeatus (butcher´s broom)
calendula officinalis (marigold)
hyaluronic acid (short and long chain)
bio Structurine
bio Sensiline

Apply mornings and evenings by itself or as a preliminary step to complement your customary eye care routine. Rub in lightly.

Skin Type
All skin types

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